Let's be honest, the world of supplements can feel like the wild west.

You just want to know what you can take to support your body, instead you are met with confusing claims and unclear information

Meet Clara, we are the supplement company making women’s nutrition clear. We design multivitamins based on the latest clinical research. We check every formulation for effectiveness, every ingredient for quality and every claim for scientific accuracy.

Naturally engineered

We're like that friendly neighbourhood matchmaker, but instead of romance, we pair up science and nature for your health. Using rigorous research, we select the best nutrients and source them directly from plant-based ingredients.

It's our unique method, designed to deliver pure and effective benefits just for you.

Held accountable

An amazing product is just the start, transparency is key. Throughout our supply chain we partner with companies who uphold the same rigorous standards of quality and equity that we do.

All our products are manufactured in the UK so we can ensure traceability and uncompromised quality control.

our team

Clinical family

As doctors, pharmacists and most importantly friends, we see how complex women’s health can be, and how difficult it can be for women to access clinically accurate advice

We struggled to find supplements that meet our own rigorous clinical standards. Supplements which we can trust and can scientifically be proven to benefit our health. So we've made our own.

Inside and out

It's really what's inside our supplements that helps you thrive outside. We focus not just on the quality of ingredients, but also their form.

Our attention to detail and uncompromising standard, runs across all our ingredients. It's not just about what you consume, but how effectively your body can use it.